Business Storage at Storage Solutions

Running out of space at your office? Additional office space can often be more expensive than the benefits you receive. That’s why many businesses choose Storage Solutions to act as their extra office. We provide a variety of spaces in many different sizes, so you’ll always be able to get exactly what you need to help your growing business succeed, whether it’s space for your excess furniture, more room for office space, or room to store supplies and inventory. Give us a call today to learn more and reserve your space today.

Startup Businesses
Starting a business is risky enough. The threat of signing a long term lease to house the many items it takes is no longer a risk factor when you choose a storage facility. Storage Solutions offers the flexibility of month-to-month leases without the burden of high rent costs. Let us store those seldom-used business assets.

Shrinking Businesses
Some businesses find they have equipment and furniture that is not needed right now but could be useful in the future. Self storage is an excellent solution for a downsizing business.

Inventory Space
Self storage can offer the space and security of a traditional warehouse at a fraction of the cost. 24-hour video surveillance, climate-controlled units, and computerized gate access adds to your peace of mind. When you choose Storage Solutions you can rest assured that your inventory is kept safe at all times.

Record Storage
Many businesses are required to keep records for seven years or longer. Why waste the productive office space on old files? Storage Solutions has climate-controlled units to house the unwanted stacks of the past.

Cyclical Businesses
Holiday or summer businesses find that the flexibility of self storage meets their demands. Storage Solutions offers month-to-month leasing terms, meaning you’ll only have to pay for the months that you’re using the space!

No matter what your business needs, we want to make it happen. Pick up the phone and speak with our staff to get the space that will make business easier.